Our Story DE MIL AMORES BUENOS AIRES BOUTIQUE·DE MIL AMORES BUENOS AIRES is inspired in our city of Buenos Aires where we breathe Tango on each corner, European airs that were united in perfect combination with our ancestral roots that influenced on our love to music, art, trips and flavors. DE MIL AMORES BUENOS AIRES is a chic bohemian elegant female and romantic style truly based on the sustainable knit handmade by Artisans Couture trend with its own identity. Our designs are for and by the woman.

Our outfit are unique and unrepeatable handmade pieces of luxury created in different techniques and combination of textures. Our best point is the entire process and the hight quality of yarn and wools coming from our Patagonia.

As a result of all this we have beeen recognized and invited to participate in different international events of the world.